Acne What is it and natural treatments

Acne What is it and natural treatments

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Acne: It is a very common problem and not only in adolescents.

Spanish: Acne: Es un problema muy común y no tan solo en adolescentes.

What is Acne?/Que es el acné?

English: Acne according to Wikipedia is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin that involves the pilosebaceous units (hair follicle and sebaceous glands), characterized by the formation of comedones, papules, pustules, nodules and scars, which appear mainly on the face and upper part of the trunk.

Spanish: Acné según  Wikipedia es una enfermedad crónica inflamatoria de la piel que involucra las unidades pilosebáceas  (folículo piloso y glándulas sebáceas), caracterizada por la formación de comedones,pápulas, pústulas, nódulos y cicatrices, que aparecen principalmente en la cara y parte superior del tronco.

English: The production of acne can be due to psychological factors, stress and other factors, although the main cause is the obstruction of the pores in the skin.

To prevent it there is no 100% effective treatment but it will help

  • Clean your face twice a day to remove excess fat and dead skin cells.
  • Apply a specific treatment for acne.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of fats, alcohol, tobacco, seafood and chocolate,
  • Avoid touching the grains.
  • While there are many treatments on the market for acne, there are some that are really expensive.

I would personally be inclined to try natural products to control this type of illness.

Spanish: La producción del acné puede deberse a factores psicológicos, estrés y  otros factores, aunque la principal causa es la obstrucción de los poros en la piel.

Para prevenirlo no existe ningún tratamiento 100% eficaz pero si ayudara

  • limpiar tu rostro dos veces al día para eliminar el exceso de grasa y células muertas de la piel.
  • Aplicar un tratamiento especifico para el acné.
  • Evitar el consumo excesivo de  grasas, alcohol, el tabaco, marisco y chocolate,
  • Evitar tocar los granos.

Si bien existen muchos tratamientos en el mercado para el acné, hay algunos que son realmente costosos.

Yo personalmente me inclinaría por tratar productos naturales para lograr controlar este tipo de enfermedad.

EnglishExposed Skin Care is a natural and affordable treatment for every type of pocket.

Exposed skin care was founded in the city of Seattle, Wa in 2002 to bring us a complete line of care for the acne face made with natural extracts and thus get a clean and healthy face in 30 days.

Spanish: Un tratamiento natural y al alcance de todo tipo de bolsillo es Exposed Skin Care.

Exposed skin care fue fundada en la  ciudad de Seattle, Wa en el año 2002 para traernos una linea completa de cuidado para el rostro acneico elaborado con extractos naturales  y así conseguir un rostro limpio y saludable en 30 días.

Acne What is it and natural treatments

English: This brand was created jointly by dermatologists, cosmetologists, naturists and chemists, thus getting Exposed skin care to differentiate itself from other brands, since it not only cleans acne but also prevents it by preventing it from returning, as long as you follow a routine. It has natural ingredients such as green tea, passion fruit among many others.

Spanish: Esta marca fue creada en conjunto por dermatologos, cosmetologos, naturistas y químicos, consiguiendo así que Exposed skin care se diferencie de otras marcas, ya que no solo te limpia el acné sino que consigue prevenirlo evitando que vuelva, siempre y cuando sigas una rutina. Tiene ingredientes naturales tales, como el te verde, fruta de la pasión entre muchos otros.

Acne What is it and natural treatments

English: The kit contains products for 30 days of treatment, although you can also buy the products separately. You can see all the products here:

Spanish: El kit contiene productos para 30 días de tratamiento, aunque también puedes comprar los productos por separado. Puedes ver todos los productos aquí:

Esta compuesto por:

1. Facial cleanser (Morning and night)

Acne What is it and natural treatments

This is the first step of your routine. Wash your face with this facial cleanser and massage into skin 10-15 seconds, rinse and dry your face with a clean towel. The price of this facial cleanser is $15.95

2. Clearing Tonic (Morning and night)

Acne What is it and natural treatments

Use your hands to apply this tonic. The price is $19.95.

3. Acne treatment serum (Morning)

Acne What is it and natural treatments

While your skin is still wet with the tonic, apply this serum over entire blemish prone area. Let dry 3-5 min. The price of the acne treatment serum is $19.95

4. Clear Pore Serum (Night)

Acne What is it and natural treatments

At night you can repeat the step of the acne treatment serum with this serum. The price of the clear pore serum is $19.95

Optional: Moisture Complex (Morning and Night)

Acne What is it and natural treatments

Once your face is dry , apply lightly on your skin. This is an optional product and the price is $25.95

English: Exposed skin care give us a few rules to keep our skin healthy.

  • Change your pillow case every 2 days. When laudering, use a fragance free detergent and no fabric softener.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Avoid sugars and dairy.
  • Don’t touch your face.
  • Sweat, then wash it off.

Spanish: Exposed skin care nos da algunas reglas para mantener nuestra piel saludable.

  • Cambie su funda de almohada cada 2 días. Cuando lance, use un detergente sin perfume y sin suavizante de telas.
  • Bebe mucha agua.
  • Evita azúcares y productos lácteos.
  • No toques tu cara.
  • Si haces ejercicio y sudas, intenta ducharte lo antes posible.

English: I leave you two codes if you want to try this brand:

Spanish: Te dejo dos códigos de descuento por si quieres probar esta marca y sus productos:

SAVE $5 on any one product. Code: SAVE5ON1

SAVE $20 on any three products. Code: SAVE20ON3

Spanish: Si tu sufres de acné, tienes algunos consejos que puedas compartir con nosotros? Dinos en los comentarios.

English: If you have acne, Do you have any tips that you can share with us? Tell us in comments.


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