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No more pain with Dr. Numb cream

Imagine that you have always wanted a tattoo but you are afraid of feeling a lot of pain when doing it, or maybe they have told you that it hurts too much.
The truth is that, all those who have tattoos, we also suffer that fear but Dr. Numb thought of us and all the people who are not tolerant of pain and they created this anesthetic cream.

What is a Dr Numb cream?

no more pain with Dr. Numb

Is an anesthetic cream with 5% of Lidocaine ( the highest non- prescription strength of lidocaine ) used for temporary relif of

    • derma fillers
    • laser hair removal
    • laser treatments
    • microblading
    • microdermabrasion
    • mole removal
    • permanent makeup
    • piercing
    • tattoos
    • tattoo removal
    • waxing and more…
    • Biopsy
    • cannulation
    • catheterization
    • insulin shots
    • injections
    • surgical stitches
    • lumbar puncture and more…
    • abrasions
    • anal fissures
    • hemorrhoids
    • insect bites
    • itching
    • minor burns
    • minor cuts
    • muscles & joint paints
    • sunburn and more…

Dr Numb cream can be used by adults and children no less than 2 years old. it has a fast acting and longer lasting effect ( 2-3 hours). It is made with water so it can be used in any type of skin. It also contains vitamin E that has inflammatory effects and helps to prevent swelling, thus helping a quick recovery.

no more pain with Dr. Numb

The most important that is a cruelty free product and environment friendly materials and their formula adhere to the standards of Health Canada and U.S. FDA.

How to use Dr. Numb cream?

  1. Wash with warm water and soap the target area to open the pores. Dry with towel.
  2. Apply a layer of Dr. Numb cream and and spread it over the affected area. Wait a few seconds and apply a second layer and let sit a few seconds.
  3. Cover the area with plastic film to prevent the cream from dying off. The heat of the film facilitate better absorption into the skin. Wait 45-60 minutes for the effects.
  4. After the cream has taken effect, remove the film and remove any excess cream and start the procedure.

Where can I find Dr. Numb products?

If you are in Canada, you can find it at

If you are in USA you can find it at

Do you tried any Dr. Numb products?

dr numb cream

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